Monday, November 22, 2010

Ice 1 Week Down

Actually it's been a little over a week but whose counting? It's definitely a different experience. I've skated ice before but it's different now focusing on it and skating 6 days a week on ice instead of once every two weeks.

It's a challenge everyday I get onto the ice that's for sure. Every practice on the ice I get frustrated in the beginning and by the end I feel as if I've made progress. One of my problems right now is that I am faster then I should be at this point. I have a lot of technical flaws but I can go pretty fast which you might not think is a problem but it's much harder correcting yourself at higher speeds but it's a problem I'm willing to have. Right now nothing is really natural. I have 100 things going through my head at the same time at every moment I'm on the ice because I'm trying to skate correctly and I have so many little things to think about that I actually have to tell myself to skate sometimes. And if you didn't know, as of right now I am skating short track.

A few things I am currently reminding myself to do on the ice constantly so that it becomes natural is:
-Lead with your left hip
-Keep your hips parallel to the ice
-Keep your right shoulder down
-Keep your shoulders parallel to the ice
-Pinch the right side of your torso making a C shape
-Relax your shoulders
-Chest down and back rounded
-Sit back on your heels
-Stop twisting to turn
-Hard right into the turn
-Glide on every step

My first three days it seems easier to correct myself because I was going much slower. But now I'm going a lot faster, between my 2nd and 5th days on the ice I dropped my lap time half a second which is a decent amount. It's not incredible but its respectable right now, although not pretty.

My speed right now allows me to keep up with skaters that are much better technically then I am which makes it a little difficult when we do technique drills because I am not very good at them yet.

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