Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disappointed As A Professional Sports Fan

As a professional sports fan I love to see a good story unfold. I always do. I watch sports to see something incredible and I watch sports to see a good story. All right this is why I am disappointed currently:

Going from least disappointing to most:

The Philadelphia Eagles management is killing me. They believe they are much better talent wise then they truly are. Their defense has gotten worse and worse as the offseason has progressed. First, they have no DE to compliment one of their best defensive players in Trent Cole causing him to get double teamed and taken out of every game. Next, they had a terrible at best linebacking group last season and then they traded away one of the starters effectively making that part of our defense even worse. Then we traded away a hard working always plays through pain blue collar cornerback who has started for years. And the spot we call free safety was vacant all season last year. The only hope is the fact that usually they have a good draft and they have a potent offense so it's the least disappointing thing.


Cole Hamels. The 2008 World Series hero that won every game he pitched in the postseason that year. Last year he was disgustingly awful which I can understand, someone gets good really quick and they let up and have a really bad season. I thought for sure this season he was going to be amazing. A winner hates to suck, so I figured he would train hard in the offseason and just be amazing this season. Now the reason this isn't that disappointing is because it's the beginning of the season and he could still be amazing but in his first start he was better then last year but not spectacular in my eyes. He only pitched 5 innings and threw a lot of balls bringing his pitch count up really quickly causing him to have to leave the game a lot earlier then he should, granted it was the first start. He has plenty of time to become awesome like I hoped he would this year. This is disappointing because I was ready to ride the 'comeback kid' for the rest of the season.


Tiger Woods. And this is strictly about sports here. I am disappointed. When the whole thing went down I fully expected Tiger Woods to enter 'Kobe after Colorado' mode and just take his game to another level. Like, focus more on golf because of his life sucked and just end up being ridiculous. I expected him to play the masters and win impressively but better yet have that 'screw you all' look on his face the whole time, ignoring the media and taking shots at reporters. I expected him to just enter another realm especially because he was amazing already. Well it didn't happen, Tiger is playing great in the masters but he isn't being the a-hole entering the next realm of sports like Kobe did. And that disappoints me. I know, I'm a selfish sports fan but seriously, if would have been amazing to watch.