Monday, November 4, 2013

Hard Work

I am a true believer in hard work. A blue-collar attitude. Ever since I was a kid I have been told if you work hard you can do it. Nothing has ever come very easy to me except for math and hard work. When I first started skating when I was five all I did was work hard. Couldn't skate worth a damn but I did everything I was told to do. A couple of years later I was told by my coach if you give me 100% and your focus you will get what you want.

Ever since that moment it's all I've known.

Hard work is a funny thing though, it is deeply restricted by the human brain. When I was first told, 'give me everything you got and you will get what you want.' I got what I wanted and I put everything I had into each practice but that was only 4 practices a week. I didn't think I could have trained any harder, I was 11. 

Then I was told to get where you want to go we have to train harder then you ever have. I did that too, and I gave every practice a solid 100. I got where I wanted to go, I was now 13 and I didn't think I could possibly train any harder then I was. That time I may have been practicing about 6 times a week.

After that I was again told if I wanted to reach my goals I would have to train harder then I ever have. I would have to rest properly, I would have eat better. I started practicing twice somedays, I built a slide board and put it in my bedroom. I put everything after skating, still I was just 15 surely I could not train any harder.

Fast forward until 2013, and I've trained harder then ever before. Harder then I ever would have assumed possible. I don't believe I could have trained much harder up to this point, maybe extend the length of what I will call hell weeks but during those weeks absolute effort was on display. 

Sometimes I think back and only wish I knew how far my body could have gone those years on my wheels. When I didn't believe I could possibly go any harder, there was a lot left to do.

Still I believe absolute effort must be given in order to achieve anything. It's a hard work frame of mind. If you can fight everyday to give it everything you have then you have to get better.

Hard work is the only thing I know how to do. Whether it be skating, work, or life in general I have to work hard.