Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recollecting and Current Position

I started deleting all of my drafts that blogspot automatically saves for you and after that I started reading the comments I have been left periodically because blogger does not notify you when you receive a comment so if you don't check you'll never actually realize you were left one. I want to thank everyone that has commented me and just left anything from good luck to we love reading your blog.
Just for an update on my part, for everyone that could be interested and has noticed I have yet to participate in an invitational meet. You will not see me in West Palm but I have every intention of attending Roanoke which will be my first invitational of the season. It'll be awfully late for me to make my invitational debut considering that I haven't missed Greensboro in the last 8-10 years. I have been skating and I have been training but it just has not made the most since for me to attend these meets. Greensboro we decided wasn't going to be a big deal to miss because they were having Vinton and word was getting out that a lot of people were staying home for Greensboro and my team is not full of rich parents so we thought it would be a good idea too. Then it came time to sign up for Vinton and although my team went my division was not well represented. The winner of Junior and Senior actually came from my region which verified going was not a smart idea for me because we have the Keystone Speed League and fortunately for me at least there are skaters like Justin Mannon and Andrew Shatzer that aren't on my team but still attend these league meets and together we combine for a decent race that has competition. Yes, world team member attend our league meets.
On the year...
I still plan on attending Outdoor Nationals and I have every intention on skating very well. If I did not expect to skate good I would not go. I do plan to contend for a spot on the Senior World Team there is no purpose of me going if I did not. I already feel that we've picked up the intensity from last year to allow myself and others that plan to attend ODN from my team to have a shot at their goals. I state these seamlessly obvious things because there are many years this one included that I find first year Senior skaters to attend ODN with no intentions on making the world team. I find no since in this at all. There is no reason a previous Junior World Team member cannot contend with Senior skaters. If you could contend at a world level even for Junior you can contend for a US Senior event, yes you must train harder and stay focused but it is possible. Personally the number one reason for failing is because you don't believe you can succeed.

World Class Dilemma

More time--More thinking--more decisions. Well the more time that passes it seems like the more things I will come to realize and yet the more decisions will have to be made about my future plans.
Well it has recently been announced that Worlds in 2009 are to be held in Haining City in the Peoples Republic of China. The dates are as late as I can remember which are September 16-27. That will definitely add another twists for many people. Every year the debate comes up that the Skating season is becoming longer and longer, well with Worlds this late it just got even longer and for many reasons some of our athletes could be in trouble. First I bring up the point that it allows for residency to be longer (if so they wish) therefore if you are a team member that has a job, you could be asked to miss even more time from work.
Secondly, I have said this before and I'll say it again.. some team members will train to make the World Team, they consider the peak of their season to be June and July where both Nationals take place but the problem is if ODN is in June those members have to pick up the intensity of their training until September. I can see most of the Senior Men having no problem or the least bit of problem with this. I see the Senior ladies (or some of them) next then I see the Juniors having an equal problem. This year there could potentially be seven new junior team members. That means, seven skaters that have no idea what worlds is like and have no idea what they are in for. Therefore, some of them will not train like they truly need to for 3.5 months until worlds comes around.
Next I have realized another problem that could have a bigger effect then many believe. This past year, the Senior Women's team had two individual medalists. Brittany and Sara, Brittany is a full-time college student, and if she wanted to attend Worlds in 2009 she may not be able to simply because you cannot take time off from college like you can from high school. Not to mention you have a number of Juniors moving up that have large intentions of attending college and if they were to make the team they may have to deny or put off college for the semester to do so. Brittany was the easiest example simply because if she decided to skate worlds she would not have any difficulty making the team in the first place.
So I will now explain my dilemma. In my life there are a few things that I would like to do. One would make the world team a few more times, another is attend a four year college, and finally I would like to give ice a serious shot in Utah and see where it can take me. They all conflict with each other to some degree, mostly college. I have full intentions on going to college. Like previously stated if I go to college full-time I may not be able to go to worlds even if I make the team, and if you are wondering the only reason I would have to go to Outdoor Nationals is to make the team especially because at the looks of it Outdoor Nationals is conflicting with my High School Graduation. It has also been brought to my intention although not yet confirmed that the inline transition program in Utah has no desire to include full-time college students. It appears that I could potentially do two of those at the same time but that would be leaving college out and I don't have any intentions on putting college off completely until later.