Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Championships, 2 Days

Here in Guarne, for the World Championships. I've spent every moment leading up to these days and it feels good. The track here is pretty fast which is great news. I like the track I feel like I've conquered it and that I've made it work really well for me. Going fast is not a problem here which is great. I feel strong, really confident, and fast. I finally have wheels which is a great feeling, skating on bad and just trashed wheels for what seems like forever now, when I put new wheels on the other day it was amazing.

No matter what anyone says, if you do the workouts at residency you come to worlds faster and that is exactly what happened to the vast majority of our team. We have a lot of really fast skaters on the team and it's going to be a great championship for us.

We got rid of most of the drama a few days ago and its helped the team as a whole when they can get to the track and focus on the track and lines and being fast and visualizing the races. At least this is what it's done for me. I don't know what will be my first race but it doesn't matter much to me, I'm confident that I can skate whatever the coaches put me in, I'm in a great place mentally and physically and I am ready to skate.

Well, that's it for now wish us luck and stay tuned for a few updates.

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