Monday, September 14, 2009

A Good Day in China

Okay another day down in China. Today we (I) learned that the restaurant down from the track is the best american food we are going to find and it's really cheap so that's perfectly fine with me.

Today was a good/decent day for me on the track because it was productive and at this point in the season (at the world championships) if a practice is productive then it was a good day. I felt better just when I woke up this morning then I have most days which wasn't a bad feeling and I think I might be getting use to the time difference (finally). In the morning the sprinters did some starts which was good and it turned out to be a great idea because the track layout is a little different so the more days the sprinters have to get use to it the better we will be. By a different track layout all I mean is that the 300m and finish lines are not at the very ends of the track like in Colorado but are a little bit closer to the center of the track. What that means is that in stead of taking X amount of steps from the 300m line to the turn you have to take X+3 (approx). Either way we got some good time in and the sprinters got to find out where to cross and what not to do, etc.

That was in the morning. At night the sprinters did a little speed work for the first time which was really good to do. We did some 200's from a rolling start (in a pack) we weren't up to full speed at the 200m line but we still ran OK times which will do. The times we ran make me feel confident that our times will be in the ball park of every other countries once we perfect our line and hit a 200m at top speed. Doing the 200m was also really productive because although we had already figured what lines we would run, actually doing it is another story. It helped because we really screwed our lines up which means that we definitely can get faster just by slowing down a hair and perfecting our line so that next time we can go all out.

I have also confirmed (at least to/for myself) that this is definitely the fastest track I've been on and that once I run a 300 it will only cement that confirmation.

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