Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to Roll

Well, apparently its that time of the year again for me. This is the height of my training and I love every minute of racing her at trials, all of the racing in a short period of time. It's a little different this year, when I've already told everyone that I will not be going to worlds, if it was funded and I qualified I would definitely be going but that is not the case and probably won't ever be the case again so, I fear I may have skated my final world championships for inlines.

It's a tough reality because you get into the area of what-if's which is never fun because the fact of the matter is you will never know. Even now I know I've prepared about as well as I could, but in Salt Lake it's just different. I skate straightaways, turns are foreign to me simply because there isn't anywhere sufficient enough to really hammer out an oval track. Sure, I can go somewhere is practice crossing a little, but practicing crossing and sprinting through a turn are two separate entities. I've pretty much only been skating inlines since June, plus a lot of road biking which I enjoy doing.

Basically, I'm here to race hopefully win a handful of medals, go back to salt lake and start all over on the ice. Ideal? No, but you take what you can get. All I can do is train as hard as I can and see where it takes me no matter what the sport is.

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