Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 days out

We are three days out from the start of racing. Things are starting to look up for us getting used to the track, because at this point it is what it is. Good, but not great. Much better then Colorado still. We are stuck eating terrible food everyday. Think of eating Golden Corral buffet three times a day everyday, yuck. So we resorted to Pizza Hut last night and then McDonalds tonight, neither of which I recommend but when you are stuck eating bad food it becomes instantly awesome.

We practiced three times today on the track which was slightly overwhelming but the workload was split up enough that it wasn't draining or anything. We've been working on going fast on the track because if you don't enter the turn right you end up slipping and the turn spits you out early and you end up at the wall really quick.

The trip hasn't been too bad besides the food and the fact that we do not have a translator which makes life in Korea way more difficult. Team wise, we have been getting along really well together probably the best I've ever seen 30 people get along, but at the same time we skipped three weeks together that we normally have so, it makes getting along a lot easier when you only have to make it two weeks. Even when we joke around the team all gets that it's a joke. The place we are stuck eating at is so bad that we all chant about how bad it is, and make jokes about how bad it is, and talk about what we really would like to eat if we were in the states.

That's pretty much all I have for right now, stay classy America, and of course stay safe if you are on the east coast.

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