Monday, June 29, 2009

Outdoor Nationals Day 1

Well day 1 is in the books and a decent day it was. It still seems a little low key I guess without a lot of usual people there. There was still good racing to be had. 300m continue to evolve and with another year for everyone to get use to the 110m wheels the times were faster then ever. Junior men had buckets of 27 second 300m and even three 26's which is a first time more then one person ever ran a 26 in junior men. Junior ladies usually has a couple of 29's and a lot of 30's but this year they had one 27 a couple 28's and a lot of 29's. Senior ladies only has 10 competitors so it's really hard to say how their times were without knowing each person individually. Senior men had a lot of 26's, so it was definitely fast this year.
Some quick standouts from the day would be Erin Jackson, Sara Hebbrecht, and Jonathon Blair for all breaking 300m records and also Mario Valencia for having an exceptional day in junior men all together.
In senior men Joey was not here for the first day because of a World Inline Cup race in Europe that he attended (and won) but he will be here tomorrow. Personally I thought of it as a opportunity to seize some good points before he got there which I think I did.
Tomorrow is just the 10k pts/elim for junior and senior world class while the freshman and master's kick off their competitions.
Well that is it for now. Check back for more updates as the competition continues.

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